Laal Maas

Recently I am doing some collaboration with my friends on Instagram, they are incredibly talented cooks and this ...
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Red Wine Braised Chicken

A lot of times I enter in the kitchen and I think of  very specific and exotic dish ...
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Ratale Cha Khees (Grated Sweet Potatoes cooked with spices)

Food on fasting days in India is a great feast for your palette! 😉 I grew up in ...
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Chitrannam (Lemon Rice)

I absolutely love South Indian cuisine and specially the different varieties of  amazingly flavourful rice dishes like Puliogre, ...
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Bharleli Vangi

Bharleli Vangi or bhagare baingan aka stuffed brinjal/aubergine cooked in peanuts, sesame gravy is my absolute favourite dish and ...
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