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  • Vegetarian

    Baked Aubergine Imam

    Aubergine Imam or eggplant imam, is dish with vibrant, delicious and deep flavours. What always surprises me is every cuisine in the world will have some dishes similar to another. This baked Aubergine Imam (eggplant…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Tsuk Wangun

    India is such a vast country with so many different cuisines and there various dishes which are unknown to people, Tsuk Wangun (Spicy and tangy baby aubergines) is definitely one of them. With my…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Bharleli Vangi

    Bharleli Vangi or bhagare baingan aka stuffed brinjal/aubergine cooked in peanuts, sesame gravy is my absolute favourite dish and I love it  even more when it’s served with bhakri, sorghum or pearl millet flour roti.…