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  • Pan-fried Salmon
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Pan- Fried Salmon

    “Pan-fried Salmon” is one of the best ways to eat salmon, wouldn’t you agree? If you follow me on social media you would know I love creating recipes which are healthy, easy and packed with…

  • Fish Sous Vide

    Hoki with Pesto

    “Hoki with Pesto” a delicious recipe packed with amazing fresh flavours and cooks in no time! Hoki fish or Blue Hake from New Zealand was introduced to me by Hai Sia Seafood in Singapore. I…

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Orzo with Snapper

    Orzo with Snapper, two of my favourite things in one dish! Orzo pasta or risoni has to be one of my favourite pasta and I have been making this pasta in many different ways since…

  • Batang Fish Fry
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Batang Fish Fry

    Batang fish fry! Batang fish is the closest to Indian King Mackerel or Seer Fish. There is an amazingly flavourful seer fish recipe we have in India called Kerala Fish Fry, if I am honest…

  • Starters

    Fishbites with Tomato Mustard Chutney

    Fishbites! Never heard of it, right? Because I think no recipe exits by this name ;). Fish and mostly white delicate fishes with a nice Grüner Veltliner or Gewürztraminer is the best combination on a…

  • Starters

    Pan Fried Fish and Chips

    Fish and chips are the best bar food, I can have it with my cocktails, beers and even sometimes with whiskey. Even though I cook all sorts of meat dishes, I don’t eat them. However…