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  • Healing Tea

    Healing Tea

    What is “Healing Tea”? Teas and especially herbal teas go back to ancient Egypt and China thousands of years ago where they were used for health benefits, beauty and for overall wellness. The natural, caffeine…

  • SK-II Skin Care

    Favourite SK-II SKINCARE

    SK-II SKINCARE. This is my first post about skincare on this blog. Long time ago back in 2008 I used to write a beauty blog and I have to say it was quite popular. I…

  • Healthy Coffee Powder

    Healthy Coffee Powder

    What is healthy coffee powder? Have you ever heard of this? Well I didn’t until recently when I came across this coffee powder for weight loss.…

  • Lifestyle

    Gin- Cointreau Drink

    I am not a connoisseur when it comes to spirits, cocktails, wine, I am a trained chef and I like to use my judgement, knowledge in creating different types of drinks. I am also…

  • Lifestyle

    Apple and Turmeric Smoothie

    Mornings are never good if you don’t have a good breakfast and what’s more better than a freshly made smoothie? With my changing diet I find myself eating healthy things and creating new recipes.…

  • Lifestyle

    Apple coconut water

    Since last few weeks I am being very cautious about my diet, sugar intake and mainly my breakfast. I am not eating too many fruits as I am suffering with sugar problems so I…