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Aromatherapy Oils
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Aromatherapy dates back to Egyptian and early Roman era. It is the use of plant-derived aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well being. The essential oils are usually used in massage, inhalation, compresses and bathing.

In this post I am going to introduced you all to some of my favourite oils and some useful oil blends.

A lot of people wonder whether it works, whether the oils really helpful in achieving a balanced lifestyle. I have been using aromatherapy oils since past 15 years for a lot of different reasons, I use them in my diffusers, creams and oils.

Back in 2008 when I ran my spa in Tokyo, I used to make my own blends of massage oils, facial creams and scrubs and they were very popular. Even today I make some oil blends, body massage oil blends for myself.

So let’s get started!

1: Lavender Oil:

I call this oil “wonder oil”! It has to be the most versatile oil amongst all the aroma oils and it has become quite popular in home remedies. It is known for its relaxing and calming properties. Lavender oil is used for skin irritations, rashes, hay fever, hair growth, migraines, dandruff and many things.

I would recommend keeping a bottle of lavender oil with you all times because it is the safests and one of the most wonderful oils to use.

2: Frankincense oil:

Like Lavender oil, frankincense oil is my second favourite! There are amazing benefits of this wonderful oil, it used in massage blends to reduce stress, balancing fertility hormones and treating acne. It is also used in anti aging massage blends and over all skin care.

3: Geranium Oil:

Geranium oil is known for its relaxing, calming and soothing properties. It is used for acne, hormone balance, dermatitis, dry skin, emotional well being.

4: Bergamot Oil:

I absolutely love this oil and it plays a vital role in my skin care. It is used for relieving stress and tension, skin health, digestion and respiratory conditions.

5: Rosemary Oil:

An absolute must for hair care. This oil is used in treating all hair problems such as alopecia, hair thinning and dandruff.

6: Orange Oil:

Like oranges this oil is filled with vitamin C which plays a big role in skin care regime. It is also widely used in aroma diffusers and to treat environmental stress.

Hair Oil Blend  to promote hair growth:

60 ml carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil

20 drops of lavender oil

10 drops of rosemary oil

5 drops of geranium oil

Mix them together and store it in a dark amber or blue bottle. Massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.

Lavender Oil for Nausea and hay fever:

30ml carrier oil such as jojoba oil

10 drops of lavender oil

For hay fever, massage your temples, forehead and back of the neck.

For Nausea and motion sickness, massage your belly button, throat and temples with this blend.

Massage blend for depression:

60 ml Jojoba or almond or olive oil

10 drops of Melissa oil

10 drops of Sandalwood oil

10 drops of Rose oil

10 drops of Bergamot oil

5 drops of Geranium oil

Mix all the oils together, store it in a dark blue or amber bottle. Massage your temples, ears, back of the ears and neck gently. Other methods: 1.Massage your feet with knuckles specially centre, under the thumb and last finger in a circular moments. 2. Add few drops of rose, lemon, lavender in a diffuser or candle pot while sleeping. 3. Add few drops in your tub bath.

Massage Blend For Aging Skin:

20 ml Almond Oil

20 ml Jojoba Oil

5 ml Rosehip seed oil

5 ml Vitamin E oil

10 drops of Carrot seed oil

20 drops frankincense oil

10 drops geranium oil

5 drops lavender oil

5 drops rose oil

Mix all these oils together and store them in a dark bottle. Apply on your face and neck, massage in upward strokes and leave it overnight.

Aromatherapy Oils

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