• Chicken Chettinad
    Chicken Recipes

    Chettinad Chicken

    Chettinad Chicken is an amazing, packed with robust flavours and a spicy dish from Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. Chettinad cuisine is known for its colourful, spicy and plethora of recipes such…

  • Walnut Tomato Dip
    Chutney, Dips, Sauces

    Walnut Tomato Dip

    Walnut tomato dip doesn’t it sound like a great combination? Well it is and as always like all my other dips, this one is absolutely delicious and addictive! I am huge fan of sauces, dips…

  • Zhoggiu Sauce
    Chutney, Dips, Sauces

    Zhoggiu Sauce

    This Zhoggiu Sauce is one of my absolute favourites! It goes really well with grilled chicken, lamb chops or even as a dip. It’s verdant green, nutty and absolutely addictive. A few days ago I…

  • Paneer Peas Pilaf
    Indian Cuisine

    Paneer Peas Pilaf

    This Paneer Peas Pilaf is one of my favourite rice dishes in my repertoire. I am not a big rice fan but I love to cook different rice dishes and often they go really…

  • Gluten Free Crackers
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten Free Crackers

    These gluten free crackers are so addictive, delicious and so easy to make. My younger sister Kanchan who got married last year and has started cooking some amazingly delicious things. Since my brother in…

  • Thalipeeth
    Gluten Free Recipes


    “Thalipeeth” literally means flour on a plate, but really that doesn’t make any sense right? Let me explain it a bit better, it’s a gluten free flatbread made of all healthy goodness! Gluten free…

  • Paneer curry
    Curry Indian Cuisine

    Paneer Curry

    I am sure you lot have had paneer curry before so what makes this one so special? I am glad to explain, this is one of the easiest, nut based and delicious paneer curry…

  • Baby Corn Rice
    Indian Cuisine

    Baby Corn Rice

    Have you ever tried Baby Corn Rice before? I don’t think there is a recipe for a baby corn rice but I have managed to come one with one. If you follow me on…

  • Batang Fish Fry
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Batang Fish Fry

    Batang fish fry! Batang fish is the closest to Indian King Mackerel or Seer Fish. There is an amazingly flavourful seer fish recipe we have in India called Kerala Fish Fry, if I am…

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