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  • Dessert

    Chia Seed Pudding

    "Chia seed pudding", my absolute favourite guilt-free dessert! I have been using chia seeds from past 6-7 years but always in drinks. The first time I had this pudding back in 2017, frankly I was…

  • Walnut Halwa

    Walnut Halwa

    Walnut Halwa, a nutty, decadent and delicate dessert one can enjoy on a cold winter day with a cup of tea!…

  • Dessert

    Payasam or Kheer

    Chettinad Chicken is an amazing, packed with robust flavours and a spicy dish from Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India.…

  • Dessert

    Gajar Ka Halwa

    A cold winter day, hot cup of tea and bowl of hot “Gajar Ka Halwa”, something I can only for in Singapore’s hot weather! But just because it’s hot in Singapore I can never…

  • Dessert

    Narali Bhaat

    Narali bhaat or sweet coconut rice! There are so many sweet memories with this dish. Every birthday my mum made this delicious dish specially for me. The reason behind that was this festival called…