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Gluten Free Recipes

  • Thalipeeth
    Gluten Free Recipes


    “Thalipeeth” literally means flour on a plate, but really that doesn’t make any sense right? Let me explain it a bit better, it’s a gluten free flatbread made of all healthy goodness!…

  • Batang Fish Fry
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Batang Fish Fry

    Batang fish fry! Batang fish is the closest to Indian King Mackerel or Seer Fish. There is an amazingly flavourful seer fish recipe we have in India called Kerala Fish Fry, if I am honest…

  • Energy Balls
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Energy balls

    In recent years these “Energy Balls” or “Bliss Balls” have become really a new trend and an alternative for those sugary treats or chocolates. Everyone makes their own version of the energy balls but…

  • Gluten Free Recipes

    Teff Banana Bread

    Teff is my new favourite gluten free grain. Till a few years ago I used to think how can I gluten free bread or cake be any good in taste, how will it have…

  • Gluten Free Recipes

    Brown Lentils

    Brown lentils / puy lentils (in French) are the best in the lentils family. They taste great in salads, stews, curries and even in a mash because of their flavour. I make these brown…

  • Gluten Free Recipes

    Plain Gluten Free Flour

    A few years ago my dear sister went on a serious health spree and turned her diet in to completely gluten free diet. At the time I wondered how is that even possible being…

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