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  • Baking

    Whole Wheat Crackers

    Whole wheat crackers served with good cheese and dip, a perfect combination for canapes or a cheeseboard. I love making these Whole wheat crackers because they are so easy, quick and they don't need that…

  • A Good Old Recipe Focaccia.


    This focaccia is made with half spelt and half bread flour and seasoned with rosemary and onions.…

  • Banana Flavoured Date Orange Cake.

    Date Orange Cake

    Date Orange Cake made with bananas and warm spices and topped with orange glaze and walnuts, doesn't it sound just perfect!…

  • Baking

    Courgette/ Zucchini Chocolate Bread

    This courgette chocolate bread will definitely make you happy. It is moist, loaded with chocolate for all those cocoa fans out there and of course it is delicious.…

  • Sweet

    Mango Preserve

    For me there is only and only one mango wins in taste, texture and colour, that is of course the king of mangoes, Alphonso!…

  • Banana, Walnut Bread
    Baking Sweet

    Banana, Walnut Bread

    This simple Banana Walnut bread is perfect for lunch boxes, for weekend brunch or just to have it with a cup of tea or coffee!…

  • Baking

    Carrot Pumpkin Bread

    Pumpkin is a sublime ingredient in baking, it makes the baked goods delicious, moist and gives an amazing depth.…

  • Baking

    Banana, Dates and Pistachios Bread

    Banana, Dates, Pistachios Bread, have you ever had this combination? I love baking quick, no fuss breads to serve with tea or coffee. I am not a big sweet tooth but I like a warm…