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  • Kale Kebabs

    Kale Kebabs

    Walnut Halwa, a nutty, decadent and delicate dessert one can enjoy on a cold winter day with a cup of tea!…

  • Starters

    Fishbites with Tomato Mustard Chutney

    Fishbites! Never heard of it, right? Because I think no recipe exits by this name ;). Fish and mostly white delicate fishes with a nice Grüner Veltliner or Gewürztraminer is the best combination on a…

  • Starters

    Pan Fried Fish and Chips

    Fish and chips are the best bar food, I can have it with my cocktails, beers and even sometimes with whiskey. Even though I cook all sorts of meat dishes, I don’t eat them. However…

  • Starters

    Vegetarian Malai Kebab

    Over the weekend we had some dear friends over for the first time since we have moved to Singapore and I wanted to make something really special and some thing new for them. Even…

  • Starters

    Chapli Kebab

    Chapli kebab are popular and delicious street food from Pakistan, these kebabs are served with nan and pomegranate chutney. The chapli kebabs get their unique name from it’s shape, they are shaped like  chappal…