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  • Vegan

    Karawila Sambol (Bitter gourd Sambol)

    Growing up I absolutely hated bitter gourds and there is not a single vegetable I didn’t eat apart from these but thanks to mum that wasn’t the option always. My mum used to cook…

  • Vegan

    Hummus With Burnt Garlicky Mushrooms

    Hummus is one of those wonderful dishes, you can eat it with vegetable sticks or bread or as a spread. Well I like to spread it in my wraps, tastes really good with crunchy…

  • Vegan

    Mai Kan

    The North eastern Indian food has very different flavours, it's spicy, it's pungent and it is simple yet delicious. The North-Eastern Cuisine of India is influenced by many cuisines like Tibetan, Chinese and Jain…