Healthy Coffee Powder

Healthy Coffee Powder
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What is healthy coffee powder? Have you ever heard of this? Well I didn’t until recently when I came across this coffee powder for weight loss.

I don’t fall for these new trends but it made a lot of sense to me as I do know the benefits of coffee in the diet. “Nutrition” was one of my favourite subject in Culinary School and I was one of the toppers in that subject and as you can see my Instagram is packed with healthy recipes, smoothies and fitness videos.

Getting back to this coffee powder, I didn’t want to buy that brand because of many reasons. Instead I thought why not make at home and make it better than what you get in stores. I have to tell you, this coffee powder is delicious, packed with some amazing goodness and it is healthy.

I added some superfoods like Matcha powder, green coffee powder, ginseng powder and some more healthy goodness. I use this healthy coffee powder in my smoothies and milkshakes, it tastes absolutely delicious.

Healthy Coffee Powder

Disclaimer: This is not a coffee powder that can help you lose weight, it’s a health supplement which you can include in your diet.

I have tried making an ice cream using this coffee powder and blimey I was so surprised to taste it. I made a coconut ice cream with this coffee powder, you have got to try it if you are health nut like me. My husband wasn’t a great fan but I loved it.

So give this healthy coffee powder a try and stay healthy people!

Healthy Coffee Powder


  • 100g green coffee powder
  • 50g Mount Hagen Organic Coffee powder
  • 20g Ginseng powder
  • 10g Chia Seeds powder
  • 15g Maca Powder
  • 5g spirulina powder
  • 5g coconut sugar
  • 2g ginger powder


Add everything in food processor and blitz it to mix. Don’t do it more than 2 times, it becomes oily.

Add it your smoothies, almonds or coconut milk and milkshakes.

Store it in a airtight jar upto 2 weeks.

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