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  • Baby Corn Rice
    Indian Cuisine

    Baby Corn Rice

    Have you ever tried Baby Corn Rice before? I don’t think there is a recipe for a baby corn rice but I have managed to come one with one. If you follow me on Instagram,…

  • Sabudana Khichadi
    Indian Cuisine

    Sabudana Khichadi

    Sabudana khichadi, a dish made of tapioca pearls, potatoes and groundnuts. It’s a dish I grew up eating as a fast food!…

  • Palak Paneer

    Healthy Palak Paneer

    Palak Paneer i.e. cottage cheese cooked with spinach is one of the most famous curries from India. But this is slightly different than the usual one.…

  • Mushroom Matar

    Mushroom Matar

    Mushroom Matar i.e. Mushroom and green peas is one of those dishes from modern Indian Cuisine. This is my version of this dish and I have to say it is quite delicious.…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Methi Murgh (Fenugreek Chicken)

    Methi Murgh or chicken cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, this semi dry curry is loaded with flavours. It’s spicy, it’s slightly bitter from fenugreek and spicy with all the spices.…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Tomato Sherva

    Biryani is a gem in Indian Cuisine and with Biryani there is some type of gravy or yoghurt relish (raita) or just a simple salad.…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Lagan Ka Keema

    Keema or mince is one of the most popular dishes from India. Almost every state has a version of this keema. It can be either chicken or mutton keema.…

  • Curry

    Kala Chana in Yoghurt Gravy

    Kala Chana or brown chickpeas are widely used in North Indian cuisine. In general chickpeas, legumes and beans are a big part of Indian diet but this variety of chickpeas is absolutely delicious and…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Coconut Chicken Curry

    Coconut chicken curry, the flavours in this dish takes me back to this small little restaurant in Bangalore. A long time ago when I was working in Bangalore, I used to go this small…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Chicken Biryani

    Chicken Biryani is one dish I used to cook for my husband at least once a week, because he can actually live on it. If he loves one thing he can eat that over and…