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  • Chicken Chettinad
    Chicken Recipes

    Chettinad Chicken

    Chettinad Chicken is an amazing, packed with robust flavours and a spicy dish from Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India.…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Andhra Chicken

    Andhra Chicken is a delectable, addictive and one of my favourite dishes to cook. Before I get to the recipe, let’s a talk a little bit about this dish and the cuisine from this wonderful…

  • Curry

    Malaysian Inspired Chicken Curry

    This chicken curry is an absolute delight, it’s packed with amazingly fresh flavours and I love it. Malaysian cuisines has some great flavours and really delicious dishes. Often we talk about Thai, Indonesian cuisines but…

  • Chutney, Dips, Sauces

    Coconut, Onion Chutney

    Coconut chutney is a regular side dish and a must chutney in my home. I grew up in a home where my extra ordinary mum cooks delicious food every single day. As I have mentioned…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Eggs, Capsicum Masala

    Eggs masala with capsicum or peppers is one of my favourite recipes when I want to make something quick, delicious and spicy.…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Coconut Chicken Curry

    Coconut chicken curry, the flavours in this dish takes me back to this small little restaurant in Bangalore. A long time ago when I was working in Bangalore, I used to go this small…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Single Malt Chicken

    Single Malt Chicken! It’s a very strange name but believe me this is the juiciest packed with flavours chicken you will ever eat!…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Jerk Chicken

    There are so many different ways to make Jerk Chicken and every recipe I have read, I have absolutely loved. The first time I had Jerk Chicken was in a restaurant called Cicada (my favourite…

  • Chicken Recipes

    Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken is one of the most famous recipes from Indian Chinese Cuisine. Indian Chinese Cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in India. It’s not the most authentic because it’s a fusion of…