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Indian Cuisine

  • Simple Lentil Curry
    Indian Cuisine

    Simple Lentil Curry

    “Simple Lentil Curry” or rather delicious, simple daal with plain simple rice is something I crave for always after binge eating or coming home after a long holiday or just to give myself a…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Sarson Ka Saag

    "Sarson Ka Saag" a delectable, verdant green curry laden with ghee or butter and served with Makki Ki Roti (Corn flour flatbread) is an amazing combination usually served in winter season in North India.…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Dhaba Style Paneer

    This Dhaba Style Paneer is rustic, comforting and absolutely delicious. It goes really well with rotis (flatbreads), naan or kulcha and rice too.…

  • Achari Paneer
    Indian Cuisine

    Achari Paneer

    “Achari Paneer” is a cottage cheese curry cooked with pickling spices and it is very different than the usual Paneer dishes. Serve this dish with roti, naan or kulcha. …

  • Pav Bhaji
    Indian Cuisine

    Pav Bhaji

    “Pav Bhaji” a delectable, spicy and irresistible street food dish from Bombay/Mumbai, India! …

  • Paneer Kofta
    Indian Cuisine

    Paneer Kofta

    PANEER KOFTA! A delectable North Indian dish made of all delicious things. Fried Paneer Kofta (balls) dunk in a rich, silky creamy gravy made of tomatoes, cream, cashews and mild spices is one of…

  • Paneer Peas Pilaf
    Indian Cuisine

    Paneer Peas Pilaf

    This Paneer Peas Pilaf is one of my favourite rice dishes in my repertoire. I am not a big rice fan but I love to cook different rice dishes and often they go really well…

  • Paneer curry
    Curry Indian Cuisine

    Paneer Curry

    I am sure you lot have had paneer curry before so what makes this one so special? I am glad to explain, this is one of the easiest, nut based and delicious paneer curry…

  • Baby Corn Rice
    Indian Cuisine

    Baby Corn Rice

    Have you ever tried Baby Corn Rice before? I don’t think there is a recipe for a baby corn rice but I have managed to come one with one. If you follow me on Instagram,…

  • Sabudana Khichadi
    Indian Cuisine

    Sabudana Khichadi

    Sabudana khichadi, a dish made of tapioca pearls, potatoes and groundnuts. It’s a dish I grew up eating as a fast food!…

  • Indian Cuisine

    Tomato Sherva

    Biryani is a gem in Indian Cuisine and with Biryani there is some type of gravy or yoghurt relish (raita) or just a simple salad.…