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  • Chicken Recipes

    Andhra Chicken

    Andhra Chicken is a delectable, addictive and one of my favourite dishes to cook. Before I get to the recipe, let’s a talk a little bit about this dish and the cuisine from this wonderful…

  • Starters

    Vegetarian Malai Kebab

    Over the weekend we had some dear friends over for the first time since we have moved to Singapore and I wanted to make something really special and some thing new for them. Even…

  • Curry

    Chicken in dry yoghurt sauce

    A lot of times I decide to cook something particular but I end cooking or inventing a new and unique dish.. 🙂 A few days back I wanted to cook something special for my…

  • Starters

    Chapli Kebab

    Chapli kebab are popular and delicious street food from Pakistan, these kebabs are served with nan and pomegranate chutney. The chapli kebabs get their unique name from it’s shape, they are shaped like  chappal…