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  • Healthy Coffee Powder

    Healthy Coffee Powder

    What is healthy coffee powder? Have you ever heard of this? Well I didn’t until recently when I came across this coffee powder for weight loss.…

  • Pasta Salad

    Asian Pasta Salad

    This Pasta salad is delicious, easy and packed with flavours! I love salads, in fact most of my meals in a week are salads. I make salads of kasha, lentils and beans but not so…

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Vegan Chilli

    Vegan chilli, no one gets excited by vegan and chilli, right? But trust me this Vegan chilli make you happy. The usual Chilli recipe is loaded with meat and it is delicious but I am…

  • Vegan

    Karawila Sambol (Bitter gourd Sambol)

    Growing up I absolutely hated bitter gourds and there is not a single vegetable I didn’t eat apart from these but thanks to mum that wasn’t the option always. My mum used to cook…

  • Salad

    Kathurumurunga Coconut Warm Salad

    This green leafy salad with coconut has become one of absolute favourites from the land of Lanka! I never knew what to do these leaves before I came to Singapore.…

  • Vegan

    Hummus With Burnt Garlicky Mushrooms

    Hummus is one of those wonderful dishes, you can eat it with vegetable sticks or bread or as a spread. Well I like to spread it in my wraps, tastes really good with crunchy…

  • Rice

    Capsicum Coconut Rice

    Capsicum, coconut rice sounds a bit strange isn’t it? I used to always wonder why my mum would get angry when I would demand “something new and delicious”. I never understood her exasperation until I…

  • Chutney, Dips, Sauces

    Coconut, Onion Chutney

    Coconut chutney is a regular side dish and a must chutney in my home. I grew up in a home where my extra ordinary mum cooks delicious food every single day. As I have mentioned…