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Healthy Meals Recipes

  • Farro and Beans Casserole- A delicious one-pot meal.
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Farro and Beans Casserole

    "Farro and Beans Casserole" a healthy, vegan and one-pot meal for busy weekdays! Farro, an ancient grain with fantastic health benefits, and they are one of my favourite grains to cook.…

  • Pumpkin Golden Soup
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Pumpkin Golden Soup

    This “Pumpkin Golden Soup” is utterly delicious and perfect for those cold winter nights! This Pumpkin Soup is creamy and flavoured with delicious spices. …

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Mix Seafood Curry

    This “Mix Seafood Curry” is an absolute delight if you are a seafood lover! Whilst working on a Christmas collaboration with Le Creuset Singapore, one of the recipes I wanted to do is some…

  • Paneer Coconut Curry
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Paneer Coconut Curry

    Paneer Coconut Curry, a creamy, packed with robust flavours dish is a family favourite! If you see my cooking stories on my Instagram, you would know I include coconut milk or cream in my…

  • Pan-fried Salmon
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Pan- Fried Salmon

    “Pan-fried Salmon” is one of the best ways to eat salmon, wouldn’t you agree? If you follow me on social media you would know I love creating recipes which are healthy, easy and packed with…

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Pasta with Lentils

    “Pasta with Lentils” doesn’t that sound like a wholesome meal? Well, it is, not only a wholesome meal but also a one-pot meal, just a perfect one for a busy weekday! I love one-pot meals,…

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Orzo with Snapper

    Orzo with Snapper, two of my favourite things in one dish! Orzo pasta or risoni has to be one of my favourite pasta and I have been making this pasta in many different ways since…

  • Healthy Pesto
    Italian Cuisine

    Healthy Pesto

    What makes this A “Healthy Pesto”? Just wait for it, you are in for a healthy treat! This Healthy Pesto made of all great things, herbs, nuts and EVO and it is going to become…