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  • Tofu Tacos
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Tofu Tacos

    Tofu Tacos, made with fresh gluten-free taco shells are a real treat! I love tacos, especially the freshly made gluten-free corn tortillas. Soft tacos, crispy tofu or crispy fish with delicious guacamole or grilled pineapple…

  • Whole roasted cauliflower
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    Whole Roasted Cauliflower, a perfect dish for your brunch table! I love cauliflower when it is roasted and when it roasted well with some good flavours. I have got you this fantastic recipe. …

  • Top view of 4 plates, shish kebab, lavash, onion, green sauce and a napkin

    Shish Kebabs

    I have got a fantastic Shish Kebabs recipe for you people and you are going to love it! Shish Kebabs, utterly delicious and flavourful kebabs served with lavash with a generous seasoning of sumac,…

  • White background, black cast iron pan, top view of Spicy Shepherd's Pie
    Chicken Recipes

    Spiced Shepherd’s Pie

    Spiced Shepherd's Pie, sounds delicious, doesn't it? Shepherd's Pie a quintessentially British dish made with minced lamb and smooth mashed potatoes is a favourite in my home! I love making this fantastic dish with a…

  • Healthy Meals Recipes

    Courgette Feta Fritters

    Courgette feta fritters or zucchini fritters are so soft, gluten-free and delicious! I love this humble squash, courgette or also known as zucchini. I love making Koftas, cake and these fritters with courgette, it gives…

  • Pen Bhaji
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Pen Bhaji

    "Pen Bhaji" a simple, rustic and gluten-free dish I adore! It is made with fresh fenugreek leaves, chick pea flour. …

  • Pumpkin Golden Soup
    Healthy Meals Recipes

    Pumpkin Golden Soup

    This “Pumpkin Golden Soup” is utterly delicious and perfect for those cold winter nights! This Pumpkin Soup is creamy and flavoured with delicious spices. …

  • Egg Curry
    Indian Cuisine

    Egg Curry

    Egg Curry! A spicy curry with rice or hot bhakris is a soul-satisfying meal in our house. …

  • Black Bean Rice with Chicken
    Gluten Free Recipes

    Black Bean Rice with Chicken

    "Black Bean Rice with Chicken", sounds mouthful and delicious doesn't it? As I mentioned in my Pan-Fried Salmon Post some time ago me and a fellow blogger Asmita, we ran a healthy cooking contest and…

  • Healthy Green Sauce
    Chutney, Dips, Sauces

    Green healthy sauce

    "Green Healthy Sauce" did I get your attention yet? I love everything green, everything healthy and mostly glutenfree, this Green Healthy Sauce ticks all those boxes.…