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  • Healthy Meals

    Lentil, sundried tomato one-pot pasta

    Who doesn't like one-pot meals which are balanced, delicious and simple? Lentil, sundried tomato one-pot pasta is one of those recipes I have been making for years and it is a family favourite!…

  • Healthy Meals

    Pasta with Lentils

    “Pasta with Lentils” doesn’t that sound like a wholesome meal? Well, it is, not only a wholesome meal but also a one-pot meal, just a perfect one for a busy weekday! I love one-pot meals,…

  • Gluten Free Recipes

    Pan-fried potatoes

    These "Pan-fried potatoes" are absolutely addictive! They have all the elements, the taste, the texture and the delicious flavours.…

  • Healthy Pesto
    Italian Cuisine

    Healthy Pesto

    What makes this A “Healthy Pesto”? Just wait for it, you are in for a healthy treat! This Healthy Pesto made of all great things, herbs, nuts and EVO and it is going to become…

  • Pasta Salad

    Asian Pasta Salad

    This Pasta salad is delicious, easy and packed with flavours! I love salads, in fact most of my meals in a week are salads. I make salads of kasha, lentils and beans but not so…

  • Italian Cuisine

    Miso Sauce Spaghetti

    Miso sauce and spaghetti, sounds rather unusual isn’t it! Sometimes unexpected ingredients can create something an ordinary delicious dish and this is what happened when I cooked this miso spaghetti.…