Vegetable Korma

This vegan and simple "Vegetable Korma" is fantastic with Idiyappam, Dosas and even with rice or parathas! The ...
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Chia Seed Pudding

"Chia seed pudding", my absolute favourite guilt-free dessert! I have been using chia seeds from past 6-7 years ...
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Nonya chicken curry

"Nonya Chicken Curry" a delightful amalgamation of aromatic herbs and spices of South Asia! "Nonya or Peranakan cuisine" ...
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Lentil, sundried tomato one-pot pasta

Who doesn't like one-pot meals which are balanced, delicious and simple? Lentil, sundried tomato one-pot pasta is one ...
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Egg Ghee Roast

Egg Ghee Roast doesn't it sound just delicious, it is! Roasts dishes are quite famous in South India ...
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