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  • Soup

    Butternut Squash Soup

    Falling leaves of autumn, a beautiful cool breeze just before the sunset and bowl of warm butternut squash soup was picture perfect for most evenings in autumn in Tokyo.…

  • Soup

    Lentils Soup With Poached Eggs

    Nothings healthy than a bowl of lentil soup and it becomes healthier when you add poached eggs to it! This humble lentil soup will spice up your palette, warm your soul and get you…

  • Healthy Meals

    Goma Dofu Paratha

    For the longest time I lived in Tokyo I was a vegetarian and I didn’t speak much Japanese so finding vegetarian food was a bit of a challenge. But the more and more I…

  • Healthy Meals

    Couscous with Broccolini

    Couscous is a wonderful Italian pasta you can make it in a trice. In my house we eat couscous at least 2 times a week, well I don’t as I am off gluten but…

  • Healthy Meals

    Chicken with Lentils

    Chicken with lentils, sounds a bit strange isn’t it? Trust me, this combination works. There is a small story behind this dish. Not so long ago when we were in Tokyo, I was a fitness…

  • Gluten Free Recipes

    Brown Lentils

    Brown lentils / puy lentils (in French) are the best in the lentils family. They taste great in salads, stews, curries and even in a mash because of their flavour. I make these brown…

  • Curry

    Malaysian Inspired Chicken Curry

    This chicken curry is an absolute delight, it’s packed with amazingly fresh flavours and I love it. Malaysian cuisines has some great flavours and really delicious dishes. Often we talk about Thai, Indonesian cuisines but…

  • Rice

    Capsicum Coconut Rice

    Capsicum, coconut rice sounds a bit strange isn’t it? I used to always wonder why my mum would get angry when I would demand “something new and delicious”. I never understood her exasperation until I…

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